Race Rules

TOOBABALOOZA Mud, Sweat and Toobs

  1. Athletes must arrive and check in for their event at least One Hour prior to their start time.  You will also have a timing chip attached to a BIB. Please place the BIB on the BACK of your t-shirt. T-Shirts are mandatory for this event.
  2. The start of the race will be a time trial start into the 72’ Inflatable Obstacle Course. You must go through the obstacle course either bare footed or with socks on. NO SHOES allowed. You will place your shoes on the finish end of the Inflatable before your heat.
  3.  Single Participant: After the Inflatable Obstacle Course you will then put your shoes on and run down to the water and grab a tube and then get into the water. 
  4. Team Participants: 2 person teams and 5 person teams will run to water and grab ropes to tie their toobs together. Teams must have toobs tied together for entire event EXCEPT when entering the rolling toob obstacle course. Time penalties for violations.
  6. RIVER: You will be required to float/paddle (sitting in the tube) down the river to the farthest buoy and then paddle back to the concrete apron where you will get out of toob and start running.
  7. Once out of the river, you will run to other side of property (1/2 mile), and then you will enter the Lake and paddle across to the other side.
  8. Once you finish the Lake, you will then run to the start of the main obstacle course where you will encounter all sorts of obstacles, mud pits, walls and any other devious thing we can think of. TEAMS must stay together and remember the toobs must stay ties together and must be carried by all team members.
  9. Once the obstacle course is completed you will then run to the Lake. You will get on your toob and sit in it and then go back across the Lake. TEAMS must stay together with toobs tied.
  10. At NO TIME during this race will you dive into any water, pit or any obstacle head-first.
  11. Teams must finish the race together!
  12. After the race you can go down to the River and rinse off. DO NOT use the outdoor showers at the building.
  13. Must be 12 years old to participate.
  14. Everyone will need to sign another waiver on-site or at packet pick-up. Each team member must sign (you can not sign for your partner) so be sure and get to the event early to avoid long lines at the waiver sign-in area.
  15. All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  16. You will only be allowed to race in your designated start heat.
  17. It is mandatory that you have FUN!!

TOOBABALOOZA, Mud, Guts and Glory

  1. All above rules apply except for the Toobs. You will not carry the toobs through the course. When you get to the river you will get in a toob and complete the river toobing, once back you will drop the toob and continue on course. Same for the lake.
  2. Teams will start with 4 long ropes and will tie toobs together at the river and complete the river toobing ties together. Once finished with the river you will untie all of the toobs and take the ropes with you to use at the lake. Same procedure at Lake.